MOGWAI is a band we do love! A Scottish Post Rock Band formed in 1995, with a quite impressive discography and soundtrack appearances.  Besides music, Mogwai have also a small history in collaborating with Alcoholic Beverage producers.

Latest addition to this is their Signature Beer

The band teamed up with Signature Brew of London to release a new collaborative beer.

And it’s name? Mogwai Beer Satan! A pun on their 1997 Mogwai Fear Satan closing track for their debut studio album, Mogwai Young Team.

Signature Brew describes it as “a limited-edition 5.2% ABV New England pale ale brewed in collaboration with Mogwai and East London brewery, Signature Brew.

Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you’ll uncover the brewery’s first concept beer, built around the properties of Mogwai’s seminal track Mogwai Fear Satan.

At a towering 16 minutes long the track sounds vast and complex, but strip it away and you’ll find just two chords at its heart. To mirror this, the beer employs simple ingredients which blend to make a flavour bigger than the sum of their parts… with a fittingly long finish.

This tropical, hazy IPA is low in bitterness and carries huge, hoppy flavours and aromas of mango, pineapple and white grape. In addition, a small amount of chillies added late in the brewing process brings a subtle heat that gently builds as the song crescendos.”

To celebrate this, they held a Launch Party with Stuart Braithwaite Djing at the Signature Brew Taproom & Venue for “an evening of beer and music”.

THis is not their first time  IN THE  BUSINESS

You may know that with the release of 2014 Rave Tapes the band also teamed up with Good Cask Spirits Co.

A Glascow based company, which offers “Glascow’s best selection of Malt Whisky, Gin, Rums, Cigars and more“.

They developed their own whisky called – of course – Mogwai.

A Special Bottling of a Single Cask 9 years old Glenallachie (57.1ABV).


But if you check Good Spirits website you ‘ll find out that there is also a Rum called Mogwai:

A 12 year old single cask Demerara rum from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana.

A 50% alc. rum bottled by the Creative Whisky Co, limited to 330 bottles in total.

So hurry up!



Signature Brew

The Good Spirits Co



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