SUBHUMANS performed in the first edition of Vive Le Punk Festival 2018, on Day 1, February 16th!  

Singer Dick Lucas, took some time and answered our 10 Questions. Pen problems and not much time didn’t give us detailed answers, but we got the point!

we can easily understand that subhumans don’t usually  have a tour bus

Have a look at his 10 Questions Interview.

Click to Enlarge

It was answered backstage right before the band’s show!

Spaghetti with Chili and Garlic is always a success.

Not sure if Jack Daniels is a perfect match for this!!

If I was a Pig, Would you Eat me?

Looks like it could hit the Charts!

Hey, keep in mind: 

Vive Le Punk Festival will be back this year!

Here is it’s 2019 edition!


Till then, check their performance in Athens last year! Another cool present from the Festival’s youtube channel!!

Links: Subhumans, Vive Le Punk Festival


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