ARE you in a band or a solo musician? Do you promote or manage some artists? Do you produce or publish artist and food related products or books?

You can be part of Cook Backstage.

We ‘d love to meet everyone in person but most of the times that’s not possible! So here are some Guidelines to help you submit your stories by yourself.

No need for Professional Equipment! You can be an Amateur this time!

We want YOU to take action and be a part of it! You don’t need special skills  or pro equipment. Either you are an Artist or a Promoter  you can create your content.

Photos, videos, handwritten interviews and recipes, your product presentation, yes, they are great!

See how you can DIY and Participate HERE!

You can start with our 10 Questions! Click HERE and download it!

Print it, complete it, sign it, scan it and send it to us by E-MAIL or post.

That’s it!


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