RADIO Moscow is an American psychedelic rock band from Story City, Iowa, formed in 2003. They performed on the second day of the 2017 Athens Edition of Desertfest.

We ‘ve already published a Backstage Catering Review of the Festival, you can read this HERE.

The band kindly answered our ten Questions while waiting for their Soundcheck to take place! 

THEY are ALL MEAT lovers

Kebab and Snitchel will always be among their favorites.

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They would prefer a Small Diner and they would try local Street Food. We know they had some free time the day after their show, they probably tried some greek delicacies.

Cooking is not something they enjoy. But, hey, they can do it!

Mexican Cuisine is their favorite!! Hola Amigos!

a californian burrito is always welcome

Oh! Vodka too! Vodka B!

There will always be Vodka in their Tour Bus! No doubt! So, dont worry about booze, just get them some Burritos!

You can watch their entire Desertfest show, found that on YouTube:

Links: Radio Moscow on Facebook,  


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