GBH or Charged GBH if you prefer, performed in the first edition of Vive Le Punk Festival 2018, on Day 1, February 16th!  

Vocalist Colin Abrahall, took some time and answered our 10 Questions.

He IS A VEGETERIAN THAT loves Cooking… 

He will always get a Tortilla when in Spain, wouldn’t you?

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Have a look at his 10 Questions Interview.

It was answered backstage right before the band’s show!

We don’t know if he managed to get his favorite Cheese Sandwich with Blue Doritos in Athens.

But we saw some energy bars and bananas backstage!!

Did he have time to try some Greek Streetfood?  Hope he did!

Cheese Sandwich Blues is definitely a Record I would like to listen to!

Vive Le Punk Festival will be back this year, here is it’s 2019 edition!

Till then, check GBH’s performance in Athens last year! That’s a cool present from the Festival’s youtube channel!!

Links: GBH, Vive Le Punk Festival


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