AMY’S Story is definitely one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of music. So many stories are still being written about her life, not so much about her food habits.

We found her 2011 Tour Rider, it was about her last Tour that sadly ended almost before it even started. 

What’s in there?

A 3 Course Hot Dinner for Amy, her Band and Crew: that’s a total of 30 persons per show! Half of them would get up early, breakfast and lunch for 14 persons included.

Her Dressing Room would be full of Alcoholic Drinks and Snacks completed by some Fruits and kitchen appliances.

Her band would use some Alcohol too, but there is more food inside this!! Oh, cigarettes too!

All drinks and cold food have to be refrigerated, that’s not always obvious, some promoters need a reminder!! 

We only said goodbye with words Amy, you ‘re still around…


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