COOK Backstage is a Website / Blog about Food & Music. We are trying to show a different aspect regarding artists and their lives, either on Tour or at Home! We want to show people how their favorite artists relate with food and answer questions like:

What do they Eat while Touring?
What’s in their Dressing Room?
Do they Cook at Home?

We have a Rich Experience in Organizing Events:

Music Festivals & Concerts

We have been promoting events in Greece since the 90’s. We are proud partners of Ejekt Festival for more than 10 Years. Having a constant cooperation with Greek Promoters we have been involved in more than 100 Concerts and Events, as a part of the Production Team, mostly Dealing with Artists Hospitality and Creating Artworks.

Athens Street Food Festival

We belong to the Founders and the Production Team of the Athens Street Food Festival, a Festival that introduced the Street Food Culture in Greece.

Mac N Cheesus Food Truck

We do own a Food Truck, Famous for it’s Mac N Cheese and Corn Dogs!

So, we DO know how things Roll!

More info? Download our Cook Backstage Presentation Here!


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