CHURCH of Misery  is a doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 1995. They performed on the first day of the 2017 Athens Edition of Desertfest. We ‘ve already published a Backstage Catering Review of the Festival, you can read this HERE.

Bassist Tatsu Mikami has been the sole constant member in their line-up. Hiroyuki Takano is now on Vocals, Yasuto Muraki on Guitars and Junichi Yamamura is their Drummer.


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Have a look at the rest of his answers!

He loves Italian Cuisine!

Actually, he loves Pasta! He made it so clear!

He also loves Indian: Curry please!

White about Japanese Cuisine!

A Ramen is always welcome (Me too please).

And Beer. Beer will always be around!




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And a Burger will always be his all time favorite!

He will not call himself a cook, but he would cook some chili !

He would try local Street Food and would visit a local KFC when travelling.

Yes, he loves Fried Chicken!!

Mexican Cuisine is one of his favorites along with the American one.





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He never Cooks!!

Natto, a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans will always remind him of home..

He is a Pescatarian, if you were looking for something to accompany his Beans..

Beer will always be part of his Touring Accessories ! It’s something common in the Band I think.. 

Other Cuisines?

Curry! Get him some Curry!

And take him to a Small Diner, don’t try Street Food, not one of his favorites!


Junichi is a meat lover too 

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He loves Cooking, we finally found one!

Mexican, Italian and Chinese Cuisines is among his favorites.

Chinese Food however is the best choice for him!

Beer and Curry is something that connects him with the rest of the band, no doubt, get Church of Misery some Beers, they ‘ll love you!

Japanese Noodles:

He loves them, of course, who doesn’t!!


Here, have a look, this is Church of Misery rocking the Desertfest Athens Stage!

Links: Church Of Misery, Wikipedia


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