ORANGEGoblin were also part of the Athens edition of Desertfest 2017, on Day 1, October 6th!  We ‘ve already published a Backstage Catering Review of the Festival, you can read this HERE.

Drummer Chris Turner answered our 10 Questions!

He loves swedish baked salmon but his tour bus will always be full of beer, whiskey and crisps

He will always try to go local, that’s the spirit!

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Have a look at his 10 Questions Interview.

It was answered backstage right before getting on stage!

He is a Fan of mexican and Italian cuisine, he generally loves food!

You can tell from his answer on the last Question: A Record named with Food Terms?

Isn’t Food Ace?

Yes it is sir! Keep on Drumming!

You can watch Orange Goblin’s entire show at Athens Desertfest here!

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