NEW Candys is an Italian alternative rock band formed in Venice in 2008.  They are about to begin their new European Tour, they just came back from their Australian one. We met them on December 17th, 2017, at the Musikcaféen in Copenhagen, right after their gig with the Angry Skeletons.

They shared the stage with The Warlocks, Dead Skeletons, Crystal Stilts, Slowdive, Savages, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Vaccines among others

Singer Fernando Nuti, Guitarist Andrea Volpato and Drummer Dario Lucchesi, along with Stefano Bidoggia, their Tour Bassist answered our 10 Questions!

fernando loves pizza

Well, that was quite expected, he’s an Italian!

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Have a look at the rest of his answers!

He loves English Breakfast, this is something we have in common mate!

He would describe himself as a Meat Lover and Dr Pepper is always always around!

White Pizza?? Need more info please!

As for the last question:

A Record named with Food Terms?

Junk Food!

Yes please!


guitarist andrea is also an english breakfast lover

That makes three of us!

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He will cook, but only if he is hungry enough!

He prefers small diners where he would order a Florentine Steak.

He is a Meat Lover, he is Italian, a Fiorentine Steak is something we could expect!

Gin with Lemon will always be around while on Tour!

Psycho Pizza is a record I would listen to!

He loves Mexican Food besides Italian, of course, Pasta with Homemade Tomato will always remind him of home.



drummer dario is also a meat lover

Now we can see at least one thing they have in common!

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This guy loves cooking!

We finally found one!

He would try local Street Food if possible, and Greek Feta will always be in his menu while in Greece!

Beer will always be part of his Touring Accessories !

Italian Food? Only in Italy please!

Other Cuisines?

Yes, he is open to most of them, but hey, Italian first!

Hardcore Salame: Would you buy such a record?


stefano is (guess what) a meat lover too 

He is the band’s bassist, and he would love to release a record called “Los Spaghettos”

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Hopefully he is not a Las Ketchup fan!

He loves Italian cuisine because he is… Italian.

Chocolate Snacks will always be his best friends in their Tour Bus.

He would like to try Local Street Food in the places they visit, but being on Tour doesn’t always leave you with enough free time.

He also loves Potatoes.

However he will always think of home, and homemade food!

New Candys is a band you have to keep your eyes on!

Here, have a listen to a Track from their latest album “Bleeding Magenta”, released in 2017!

Links: New Candys


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