POOR Nick Cave. He’s sitting all alone, eating frosting with a spoon. Now you can join him as he soothes himself with a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a tofu dog, peanut butter from the jar, spicy potato chips, or veggie pot pies.


When despair and deception come a-knockin’ at your door, get a giant cinnamon roll inside of you. Maybe you shouldn’t have let love in, but at least you can let tacos and baked ziti in, too. By following the recipes in this book, you can feed your sorrows with delicious vegan comfort food classics right along with Nick.

Comfort Eating with Nick Cave is a hardcover book full of art, vegan recipes, and feelings. Loads of feelings, pictured by Automne Zingg and written down by Joshua Ploeg.

You can think of it as a hilarious art book featuring artful recipes. Or as a vegan cookbook with illustrations of a sad rock star drowning his sorrows in food. Either way, you’ll laugh, cry, and learn to make some really tasty recipes.

Dedicated to anyone nursing a broken heart, a beer and a burrito, this cookbook is full of delicious vegan recipes from Joshua Ploeg, all of which are paired with a one-of-a-kind illustration of the thrill himself, Nick Cave, from illustrator Automne Zingg.

With illustrations showing him doing everything from crying and Letting Love In over a Burrito to getting primal with Beef Jerky and paired with delicious meals that range from Your Funeral My Trial potatoes and mac and cheez to Jambalaya and mushy peas, this cookbook is a perfect companion when you are weeping and hungry. Or when you are on your Mercy Seat waiting for your Sorrowful Wife:


Automne Zingg is a writer, illustrator, musician, and video artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She uses dark humor and surreal imagery to make critiques about popular culture. When not drawing, she makes video art and performs music as Lacey Spacecake.

Joshua Ploeg is a touring vegan chef/caterer and pioneering punk musician. He has cooked for The Gossip, Ben Davidson, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Fugazi, Nikki McClure, Ani DiFranco, and Anti-Flag. Named a notable Dutch-American by the Dutch Embassy, he has written for Brooklyn’s Satya Magazine and featured in Vegan Police, Details Magazine, The Advocate, NME, Abolitionist, The Bay Guardian, City Paper (DC), News & Reviews (Sacramento), and Razorcake. Formerly the singer of Behead the Prophet (Spin magazine’s #38 “best 100 band names of all time”), he currently sings for Select Sex.

Microcosm Publishing produces brightly-colored books that empower readers to improve their lives and change the world. Inspired by the ethics and aesthetics of punk rock, we’ve been scrappy and independent since 1996. With our staff of ten and almost 400 titles and 2 million books in print, we still come to work at our Portland, Oregon office and have the most fun every day.

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