COLOUR Haze performed in the Athens edition of Desertfest 2017, on Day 2, October 7th!  We ‘ve already published a Backstage Catering Review of the Festival, you can read this HERE.

Singer and guitarist Stefan Koglek took some time and answered our 10 Questions.

He loves German Cuisine and also loves Cooking… well not as much as his wife does!

He can not avoid having Pasta in Italy, but who does?

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Have a look at his 10 Questions Interview.

It was answered backstage right after the band’s Soundcheck!

We don’t know if he did try some local Street Food in Athens.

But we saw a delivery guy heading backstage right after the Show!

Was that a Souvlaki order?? 

As for the last question: A Record named with Food Terms? Colour Haze have already been there!

Don’t forget Los Sounds De Krauts, their studio album released in 2003!

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