PUTA Volcano is a Greek Band. Their sound “erupts from the combining of desert, volcanic and psychedelic sound elements”.  They performed on the first day of the 2017 Athens Edition of Desertfest. We ‘ve already published a Backstage Catering Review of the Festival, you can read this HERE.

Photo by Giannis Negris, http://www.i-jukebox.gr/

They are ready to “break into  europe” for some shows, don’t miss the chance to see them live


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Luna (singer) and Steve (drummer) took some time and answered our 10 Questions.

Have a look!

They eat like a “Healthy Pig”!

Well, THAT’S an answer!

They love Cooking but also like Street Food as much as a Spaghetti!

As for the last question:

A Record named with Food Terms? Vanilla Nachos!

Sounds interesting!


Here, have a listen to a Track from their latest album “Harmony Of Spheres”, released in 2017!

Links: Puta Volcano


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